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Are your tree roots causing mayhem?

Roots from trees and hedges can cause massive issues for many people. Not only do they make the ground become undulating but they have a negative impact on your drains and pipe work too. Any cracks and loose connections in your pipes will attract roots to grow in them or closer to them because of the moisture that is in the pipe. Once the roots begin to grow they will spread throughout the pipe and can completely take over space meaning that at some point there could be a blockage. The more roots there are the harder and compact they become resulting in no waste being able to pass through as normal.

We are proud to offer root and encrustation removal. This allows our team to be able to remove all debris that has collected over time in your pipes and lets waste to start flowing freely again. Talk to our team about our encrustation and root removal services today.  

As we move into the warmer, sunnier spring months, more and more people are spending time outdoors and will be able to see where the tree roots are growing. You’ll know from within your house or premises if there is a blockage somewhere as the water will rise when you flush the toilet or contents from the sink will not drain as quick as normal.

The more the roots grow overtime in your pipes the bigger the repairing job is going to be. With a CCTV Survey we’ll be able to identify where abouts the blockage is and how severe the damage is too.

You could also experience overflowing manhole covers that are in your garden or premises and this could be an indication of a blockage in your drains. Once we know exactly what is causing the blockage, our engineers will be able to advise on the best way of dealing with the situation. It might be that we can use a non-invasive method such as drain jetting. The Rapid Response Drain Care team will always work with honesty and transparency and advise on what is the best solution.

Tree roots ingress cause many long term problems and that is why it is so important they are removed as soon as possible. If a pipe has been in place for a number of years and there are roots growing through it, the pipe may have deteriorated over time meaning the best possible solution is to replace the pipe completely.

Regular Drain Jetting could be a way to keep your pipes flowing freely. The high pressure from the water will effectively clean any clogged up areas and move waste through the pipe and sewers. We understand the thought of putting your hand down a drain really isn’t pleasant so this is the best method to help solve the problem.

If you have witnessed a root blocking your pipe or to avoid this happening to you in the future, we would advise that you carefully plan your planting. Whenever you plant new trees or hedges you need to keep them as far away as possible from your drains and pipework. Any trees such as oak, beeches or willow trees grow quickly, particularly their roots so please take extra care when planting these.

The Rapid Response Drain Care team provide a number of services including Drain UnblockingCCTV Drain SurveysDrain JettingJet Vac, Sewer Repairs and more. For help with drain unblocking in Middlesbrough and across the North East, call us on 01429 883 956 for more information or to book one of our services.

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