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Root Removal in Trimdon - Rapid Response Drain Care

Signs of Tree Roots Growing in Your Drains

Our expert team specialise in tree and root removal in Trimdon, Durham, Newcastle and cover the whole of the North East. Tree roots can be a major problem and what many people don’t realise is that tree roots growing in your drains is quite common and happens more often than you may think. However, if you do have them, you are likely to know about it. In this blog, we are going to outline the top signs that may make you think twice about your drains and if there is a deeper issue.

Unlike other plants tree roots won’t grow as fast of very much if there are logged with water, they thrive off oxygen and this is when you will see them flourish! Warm, moist (but not waterlogged) environments are the best for tree roots to grow and spread which is exactly what it is like in your drains…

Do you find that water is draining away slowly?

One of the main signs that you may have tree roots growing in your drains is that the water is draining away very slowly from your sink, toilet, bath or shower. The waste that is moving through your pipes will become ravelled with the tree roots, resulting in slow drainage. In a busy working environment such as a restaurant, office block or anywhere that you have multiple people on site, a slow drainage system is never good and can give a bad impression. It’s better to get it sorted and our team can help you, contact us today!

What impact can a tree root actually have?

Well, other than the obvious slow drains and blockages, they can actually put a whole in your drainage pipe which can cause the water and waste to leak onto your garden and places it shouldn’t. Not only will this be unpleasant but also it will create muddy areas in your garden, and it will become saturated in waste from your drains.

How will I know for definite if I have tree roots in my drains?

A CCTV Drain Survey will provide you with a clear picture of exactly what is happening in your drains. It’s a non-disruptive and cost-effective way allows you to locate the blockage or in this case see if you have tree roots in your drains causing a problem. To book your CCTV Drain Survey in today, get in contact with our team and we can book it in for you.  

Below you can see a recent project that our team carried out…we removed 16 meters of roots from our local Women’s Federation and what a difference this has made to their drains.

You can imagine the impact this had on the drains and why it needed to be removed. Our team did a fantastic job in getting the work completed in a timely manner, whilst ensuring everything was complete and the drains were flowing as they should.

A blocked drain is never pleasant but Rapid Response Drain Care can prevent it becoming a nightmare with our specialist drain unblocking services. With full coverage of the North East 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, Rapid Response Drain Care has trained and qualified engineers who are familiar with all aspects of drain problems and how to solve them.

The Rapid Response Drain Care team provide a number of services including Drain UnblockingCCTV Drain SurveysDrain JettingJet Vac, Sewer Repairs and more. For help with drain unblocking and root removal in Trimdon, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and across the North East, call us on 01429 883 956 for more information or to book one of our services.

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