Rapid Response Drain Care gutter cleaning services.

Our carbon fibre pole set is an advanced ultra-light weight and extremely strong material most often found in Aerospace and expensive super cars although like all advanced technology it is finding its way into more and more applications.

  • - NO MESS! It sucks gutters clean using a powerful wet and dry vacuum system.
  • - No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment.
  • - A safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties, for the latest regulations and health and safety requirements.
  • - On board camera for precision cleaning.
  • - Light and easy to use.
  • - Allows access to restricted areas such as roofing above conservatories.
  • - High reach internal vacuuming system for use in areas such as restaurants and retail shopping areas.
  • - For both domestic and commercial properties.

We can fix your drain problem fast.

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